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Wesko eLock - Solution Series:

  • Complete line of eLocks for all office furniture requirements
  • Flush mount for laterals, pedestals
  • Locker mount for locker and wardrobe doors
  • Surface mount retrofit into existing mechanical locks
  • Single Wesko firmware across all eLocks
  • Powerful and easy administration with Smartphone App
  • Access with keypad or free ‘Wesko Lock App’

Flush Mount

  • Mounted in gable, door or drawer
  • Electronic locking with manual knob
  • Supports cam, tenon or crank
  • Vertical or horizontal orientation
  • CW or CCW rotation

Locker Mount

  • Fully automated, motor engages bolt
  • Mounted in door
  • Deadbolt or slam locking engagement
  • 2-piece installation accommodates variety of material thickness
  • Optional integrated handle supports left or right hand opening

Surface Mount

  • Provides electronic lock without tooling
  • Similar design to flush mount
  • Surface mount with adapter insert to existing lock housing
  • Supports all Wesko customers and prospects
  • Replace existing mechanical locks in the field
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