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Wesko Locks is a manufacturer of specialty locks and locking systems for the Office Furniture and Storage Industries. Furniture locks, including: cam locks, drawer locks, cabinet locks, pedestal locks and file cabinet locks. Locking system components, including: anti-tipping and central locking systems. Specialty locks including: high security locks, vending and gaming locks, glass and display cabinets.


Wesko’s quality, service and turnaround times are the highest ranked in the global industry, having won a number of customer service awards.

An innovative industry leader, Wesko holds numerous international patents on its products. Wesko is one of the world’s leading suppliers to the Office Furniture Industry.


Wesko currently has over 100 customers in North America, United Kingdom and Europe. Wesko also serves US and Canadian federal government contracts.

Our People

Florian Westwinkel, our founder and CEO, has over 30 years in the locking industry and holds numerous patents. Our major strength is our people and the knowledge gained from many years of working with our customers. Wesko’s quality, service and turnaround times are the highest ranked in the global industry.

Manufacturing Facilities

Wesko has manufacturing facilities in Toronto, Canada as well as offshore manufacturing facilities. Our offshore manufacturing provides components and finished parts with exceptional quality at the lowest prices on the global market. By combining offshore manufacturing with our local facilities, we provide customers with many added benefits:

  • Fast turnaround for specialty items including: keying, finishes

  • Local inventory management on behalf of our customers

  • Local quality assurance

  • Alternate product sourcing

Wesko's Superior Product Line

  • Standard locks are zinc die cast in bright chrome, satin, black or nickel finishes.

  • Lockbar and anti-tip systems are mounted on one support channel and preassembled to customer specifications with no loose components.

  • All-in-one anti-tip and locking system.

  • Locks are available with stationary or interchangeable cores.

  • Single or double bit keys can be keyed alike, keyed differently and master keyed.

  • Key removable can be configured in locked only position or both locked and unlocked positions.

  • 90° or 180° key rotations.

  • Key rotation can be configured as left or right hand on installation.

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