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Wesko Celebrates Ten and Twenty Year Anniversaries

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Today Team Wesko celebrated 20-Year and 10-Year anniversaries! Our Board Chair, Gabriele Westwinkel, presented 20-year service awards to Tony Sabelli, To Tu Lam, Jenny Tang, Balbir Khera Inderjit Sekhon, Rakesh Batish, Surrinder Toor, Rosa Rodriguez and Ly Ngoc Ngac. In addition, 10-year service awards were presented to Mai Loi, Su Juan Lin, Chi Fun Mak, Linh Hua, Balbe Sharma, Margaret Cheung, Chandrakala Thapa, Xian jin Ding, Bonnie Douthwright, Ann Kan and Ivan Zoretich.

These employees exemplify our rock solid team who understand the lock business and take the complexity out of our customers' lock programs. Their dedication is why our customer service and on-time delivery track record is unquestionably the highest in the industry. Our people are the #1 reason why you should consider Wesko as your supply chain partner.

Wesko Lock employees gather in the warehouse to celebrate service achievements.


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